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    Subscribers can save thousands of dollars in fees when buying a house.

    • Reduce Realtor fees by up-to 67%
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    About Us

    Our solutions were created with partnerships between experienced real estate professionals, veterans of the mortgage industry, and leading-edge financial services software developers.  Together, we have developed services to help you save thousands of dollars when buying a home.

    At Help U Buy, we provide you with what you need to lower the cost of buying a home.  Move at your own pace.  Lower the cost of your mortgage.  When you need one, select a top Buyer’s Agent at a pre-negotiated discount rate.

    Why Choose Help U Buy?

    We are here to make your home buying:

    • Easier
    • Faster
    • Less expensive
    • Less stressful

    Simply put, we make home buying better.

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    Three Service Options

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    Free Do-It-Yourself Support Services

    Are you up for saving a lot of money by doing things yourself?

    • Save on fees by using the Help U Buy DIY guides & video tutorials
    • Assistance to get pre-qualified for your financing
    • Protect yourself by learning the top Do’s and Don’ts for buying a house
    • 24/7 online support services for your questions
    • Upgrade option to add an experienced Realtor to your process
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    Blended Buyer and Real Estate Agent

    Save money and stress by doing the first steps on your own, then using a professional Realtor to close the purchase.

    • Easier home searches with the Help U Buy search engine
    • Detailed videos and knowledge base to guide you through the buying process
    • Boost your success with free financing pre-approval
    • Buy with confidence using an experienced Realtor (at pre-negotiated discount rates)
    • Lower your mortgage payments with lender discounts
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    Full-Service Real Estate Agent

    Select an experienced Realtor to represent you throughout the entire process for a discounted rate

    • Easier home searches with the Help U Buy search engine
    • Save big with lowered interest rates
    • Boost your success with free financing pre-approval
    • Less work with Realtor representation throughout the process
    • Save thousands with pre-negotiated discount Realtor rates
    A good Home Buyer program can save you thousands of dollars...

    Wait until you see what an exceptional program can do.

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